Fair Use

This blog follows the Code of Practices in Fair Use of Poetry set forth by the Poetry Foundation with assistance from the Center for Social Media at American University.

As the document states, this blog is written in the spirit that, “Poetry is more than a body of writings or a typology of forms; first and foremost, it is an evolving set of practices that engage, and are engaged by, the creative work of others.”

The applicable principles are described in Section 6, Poetry Online:

“Under fair use, an online resource (such as a blog or web site) may make examples of selected published poetry electronically available to the public, provided that the site also includes substantial additional cultural resources, including but not limited to critique or commentary, that contextualize or otherwise add value to the selections.”

By creating lines of discourse between dress and poetry, I hope to build this contextual environment that adds meaning to the works herein. All works will be properly attributed and only single poems will be quoted when available in anthology form. Any requests by the author for work to be taken down or not referenced will be accommodated. There is a contact form for these purposes.

Image credits are always given when available. All commentary is my own except where specified.


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