Fashion Poetics is written by Amelia Brown.


As a designer and observer, I have created this blog as a gathering place for my visual and written influences. I hope to practice writing, researching, and curating in this space. This will be an aesthetic refuge and a literary exploration. Everything I bring here has both an element of poetry and an element of style.

Why fashion poetics?  

Poetics describes the functioning of poetry: how it comes together, how it can be taken apart, and how these parts create an effect on the reader. Poetics is a means of dissection: looking at how something works and how it creates its own beauty. It is a practice of thoughtfulness. Poetics, however, is not Poetry. But there is a poetics of poetry! And, I would say, a poetics of fashion.

In this blog I am using the word “fashion” inclusively –  meaning both general dress and fashion collections. Dress is any deviation from the body’s natural state. Fashion is the system that creates dress. Fashion is a highly personal form of design: a means of expression both in its creation and in its use.  When finely executed, this is a poetic transmission beyond words. Not only can one appreciate fashion from a critical distance, but also inhabit it as a participant and consumer. Moving towards a poetics of fashion means taking fashion seriously, and dissecting it with exactitude. In this space I celebrate the crafting of fashion and culture, as defined by the rules of poetics: how it comes together, how it can be taken apart, and how these parts create an effect.

Additionally, in our throwaway world, there is a sense that fashion is fast, garments are trash, and nothing lasts forever. I reject this view by reinforcing the totemic significance of wearing and developing relationships with beautiful objects. Through the lens of poetry, I express a sincere appreciation for the experience of fashion. Here I bring together imagery and literature invoking dress with cultural flotsam and personal jetsam … welcome to Fashion Poetics.


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